Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

August 15, 2018
Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

Web design has always been important, but in 2018 it can make or break your business. There is no third option. An average user needs 10 seconds to decide whether to leave a website. Ten seconds! Unfortunately, in most cases users do leave. Why? Well, they are looking for something eye-catching, interesting, easy-to-use and navigate. Users don’t want to spend time on thinking. They want to make quick decisions.

Today, there are dozens of articles telling their audience what they need to do when it comes to web design in 2018. What about focusing on telling you what should not be done? In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 mistakes in web design and see what makes poor web design.

1. It’s Not Clear What Your Company Does

This is, probably, one of the most popular mistakes in web design. Hundreds of companies have websites that do not tell users right away what their particular business is about. No wonder these companies have such poor sales. The thing is that it takes user only half a second to form an opinion about your website and your business. You can be great at what you are doing, but if users don’t see why they need you, they will leave. Moreover, they will never come back. Make sure your website gives a clear understanding about your products and/or services. You can go with publishing testimonials, a short description of what you do, awards and anything else that makes your company look reliable and worth dealing with.

2. Your Website Is not Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are everything. We are not even mentioning tablets as smartphone is a number 1 device for shopping, studying, dating and hundreds of other activities. Mobile friendly websites are easier to reach and do increase sales. Besides, offering your customers mobile friendly website shows you are ready to assist them anytime (in case they have some questions or concerns, mobile version of the website makes it easier for users to reach you).

3. Your Website Is Slow

If it takes your website more than 3 seconds to load, you are in trouble. People are impatient. People online are extremely impatient. It’s much easier and faster to click “Back” or “Cancel” button as nobody wants to wait. Just like in that famous “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” viral video. An interesting thing is that most people expect a website to load in about 2 seconds! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, users are the ones who dictate the rules whether you want it or not.
The rule is simple. Make your website load as fast as possible, and you will be surprised by increase of your sales.

4. Your Website Has Bad Fonts and Screaming Colors

This is one of the web design mistakes that can cost you a fortune. A good website is easy-to-read and navigate. Avoid using too small or too large fonts as they make reading difficult and cause nothing but irritation.
Now let’s talk about colors. You may like bright colors that draw attention. They might work well for a vacation T-shirt, but they an absolute NO for a website. Choose colors that are calm and simple. Users should want to come back to your page again and again - not close it to get away from the blinding colors.

5. Your Website Has Lots of Hidden Elements

You may go with hiding elements to save space or to make your page look smart, but that’s not an option. Forget about it. Everything must be obvious. What is really killing many users is that they don’t understand how to go to another page, make a payment, leave an order or view the full catalogue. Hiding buttons, links and navigation panels can result in high bounce rate, so be careful.

6. Contact Information Is Hard to Find

You will be surprised but the number of users who look for company contact details once they land on its website is amazing. 64% of visitors want to see contact details, and 44% of users leave the page if they do not find any contact information. One of the worst web design errors is not giving users an opportunity to contact you. Remember that your potential clients should be able to quickly find your email, address and phone number. Otherwise, you will make your business look shady and unreliable.

7. You Don’t Use HTTPS Protocol

The number of online scams and frauds has significantly grown. Millions of users are concerned about their Internet security. Using secure HTTPS protocol is good not only for high Google rankings, but also for your potential clients. A significant number of users say they would not proceed with a website that is not secured.
If you are asking for any personal information on your website (full name, phone number, email etc), this page must be secured. If you decide to skip the security step, don’t be surprised when Google pushes your website down in search results and the number of visitors to your page decreases dramatically.

8. Social Media Icons are Placed at the Top of the Page

Your goal is to catch user’s attention and make him or her spend as much time on your website as possible. Social media icons placed at the top of the page are a serious distraction, so don’t be surprised that users will leave your site right after getting to it. This point is in the top ten mistakes in web design list as it has serious consequences for your sales. Don’t distract your potential customers and keep them focused instead.

9. Your Website’s Icons and Buttons are Too Small

Moderation is everything. The worst website designs often have elements that are too small or too large. Speaking about small icons and buttons, it often happens on mobile websites. Users should have enough space to click buttons without accidentally clicking something they don’t need.

10. Autoplaying Videos with Sounds

That is just so terrible! Most people have several browser tabs opened, and everyone hates having to look for the page that is playing the sound. Making users watch and listen to your video is not a good idea. Even if it’s not a video but only a sound, still don’t go for it. It’s scary. It’s irritating. It’s not how one attracts customers.

So now that you’ve read the article, you know what things must be avoided in website design. Remember that you don’t make a website for yourself - you make it for your customers!

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