10 Great Ideas for Mobile Apps

September 03, 2018
10 Great Ideas for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have conquered the market. Both small and big businesses invest into development of their mobile apps.
Mobile is the synonym of improvement and growth, so everyone tries to create something unique. However, as the number of mobile apps is growing, designing something special is not an easy thing to do. There appear hundreds of ideas for mobile app development each day, but not all of them are gonna work.
In this article we are going to share the most incredible mobile app ideas. If you are looking for something fresh and cool, we keep reading!

1. Fitness App

Wait, what?! Are you kidding me?” - probably this was your first thought right after you saw the title of this paragraph. Yes, fitness applications are not new, but this is still one of the best app ideas.
Millions of people all over the world have turned into fitness and diet freaks. They count calories, plan their workout schedule month ahead, don’t drink milk and spend hours looking for that special gluten, fat-, sugar-free and low-carb cereal. The best thing about developing fitness apps is that you have a fantastic choice: you can design apps for fitness beginners and experts, for moms and teens, for men and women etc. There are so many target groups! Top mobile app ideas in the sphere of fitness and wellness include the following:

  • • Food intake monitors
  • • Diet planners
  • • Trackers physical activity
  • • Water intake trackers
  • • Tips for losing weight/ staying fit
  • • Personal workout planners
  • • Weight loss diaries etc.

2. Travel App

Traveling is extremely popular today, and creating a travel tool would be one of the top mobile app ideas. When getting ready for a vacation, people look for smart and cheap travel solutions. Currently, there are dozens of travel apps but not all of them are really helpful. A good travel app provides information about tickets and hotels, discounts, travel destinations and prices, cultural events and places of interest. Creating an app that would answer all traveler’s questions is one of the best mobile app startup ideas.

3. Task Manager/ Organizer App

When looking for good app ideas, think about task management. We live in the digital era, and while there are still some people who prefer paper planners, most of us prefer using apps. Downloading and installing an app takes less than a minute and it’s always on your phone - you don’t need to bring it with you all the time. There are many digital organizers today that remind users about planned events and allow keep track of work tasks, workouts and chores. However, it’s pretty difficult to find an app that would be extremely functional and stylish. Researching the most popular apps of this kind will give you inspiration and creative mobile app ideas.

4. Dating App

One of the reasons we love Internet is that it gives an opportunity to meet new people. Everybody at least once in their lives has used a mobile app for finding a friend or a date. Each day there appear new people finders, so why not to give it a shot? Dating app is definitely winning among all great ideas for mobile apps. You can create an app that connects people according to their interests and likings or travel preferences. You can also think of an old good dating app with multiple filters that allows finding that special one. Anyways, there are plenty of ideas you can work on. research the most popular dating apps to analyze their pros and cons.

5. Event Planning App

You can be sure this is one of the most interesting ideas for mobile apps. This is quite a profitable niche with not that many competitors. Planning birthday and bachelor parties, weddings, or graduation celebrations is so stressful! Sure, that’s what party planners are for, but quite often people want to plan their special event themselves. This is the very reason your app could become in very handy. Just imagine: an app that allows you to choose decorations, food, send out invitations and make all necessary bookings. That would be a fantastic!

6. Gift-Giving App

We live a busy life today, and not always we’ve got time to pick a present for our loved ones. Why not to make it all easier and create an app that would allow picking gifts in a couple of minutes? This would be one of the most successful mobile app ideas for beginners. Toys, flowers and fruits, sweets and gift cards - users will be able to choose and order any of these with the help of your app. You can also consider giving users an opportunity to order door-to-door delivery.

7. On-Demand Service App

This is one of the best ideas for new mobile apps as on-demand service applications have been in trend for ages and they will be popular for the next 20-30 years. People are always looking for various services: electricians, plumbers, tutors, carpenters and others. Creating such an app will allow you earn commission from each order received via your application. The idea is very simple: you create a platform that connects service providers and their potential clients. That’s it! The project is simple and doesn’t require huge investments.

8. Smart Home Controller App

If you are looking for successful mobile app ideas for business, think about smart home controllers. Today, with the number of smart homes and all these digital technologies is increasing quickly, launching an app that allows users to easily control the smart home system, would be a blast. What we’ve got now is not very convenient: each kind of smart home technology has different apps for different items (for example, one app for lighting and another one for curtains). What you can do is to develop a universal all-in-one application. No doubt such an app has all the chances to win the market.

9. Virtual Interior Design App

A simple app that makes any interior design process easy and quick. Users will need to take a picture of the room they would like to renovate and then visualize future design using your app: select furniture, electronics, colors and curtains and many more. Professional designer’s services are not cheap, but with such application millions of people will have a chance to design their apartment or office without any huge expenses. Additionally, the application can show right away where user can selected items.

10. Restaurant Reservation

You might say that the idea is not new, and you will be right. However, there are some tricks that you can use to make a killer app. When we are in the mood for eating out, we want to have the dinner arranged quickly. Calling to your favorite place and asking if there is a free table takes time. What if you had an app that would show you all available options nearby? A full list of pubs and bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from. Such application would definitely save time and turn making restaurant reservations easy and quick.

These are top 10 most popular mobile app ideas, and if you’ve got something on your own - go for it! Based on what the market gives us today, it’s easy to see that simple mobile app ideas win. There is no need to invent something complicated as people are looking for simplicity.
Get to know your target audience, their needs and preferences and make a market research to see what your competitors offer to have a clear understanding of what to do next. It doesn’t matter whether your idea of a mobile app will work for Android, for iOS or for both. If your idea is gold, if you do your best to develop it and make it real - you will be a winner.

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