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Mobile Apps are Coming
Movement of Your Business, Loyalty of Your Customers, Unlimited Possibilities

Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of mobile apps. Currently, the Apple store offer 2 million apps, and Google Play has more than 2.2 million of those. These numbers are just going to get bigger. According to statistics released by GO-Globe, people spend over 50% of their digital media time on mobile apps. Just think – the average American spends almost 3 hours a day on their smartphone! Today, mobile app designers offer hundreds of new solutions to make our lives easier. Every mobile app development company strives to create something unique, something more competitive, something that will win customers’ hearts. Something that will win customers’ hearts.

Why Does your Business Need a Mobile Application?

Sometimes when companies think how much mobile app development would cost, they think it’s not a worthy investment. However, mobile apps have strong benefits that justify any expenses. Your business needs a mobile application if you….

• …Want to Increase your Sales.

Every business wants to make more money. There are several marketing tools that are aimed to help achieve this goal, and a mobile app is one of the most effective ones. Loyalty program or push messages can motivate customers to buy exclusively your products or services.

• …Value your Customers’ Feedback.

Mobile applications make communication with customers simple, easy and effective.

• …Need to Optimize your Business.

Mobile apps can be used to resolve many business issues related to management, logistics, order control, and more!

• …Want to Improve Brand Awareness.

Quick and easy-to-use applications attract new customers, increase sales and make brands more popular.

• …Need to Cut Ad Expenses.

Mobile Apps are an additional communication channel that allows you to keep in touch with your target audience 24/7. Adding useful services to your app can help you not only save money on ad campaigns but make them more efficient as well.

Why Does your Business Need a Mobile Application?

Mobile applications don’t always guarantee success and increased sales, but knowing today’s hottest topics and leading trends can help you keep up with and achieve all your business goals. According to recent research, mobile applications are most effective when they are:

  • - cloud-based;
  • - cross-platform;
  • - battery-efficient;
  • - free;
  • - well-designed and has a friendly interface.

That is why it is extremely important to come up with the solution that is an ideal combination of these key benefits. Make your idea competitive, make it interesting, and it will definitely work!

Why Does your Business Need a Mobile Application?

Niklex is a growing web-design studio located in Tucson, Arizona. We know how it works when it comes to Internet marketing, android mobile app development, ios mobile app development or e-commerce. In only 3 years we have launched more than 25 successful projects. At Niklex we know what thinking outside of the box means. Whether it’s an online store or mobile application for a large corporation, we know good quality when we see it and we know how to be competitive.

Why Does your Business Need a Mobile Application?

Promises are made to be broken, that’s why we prefer guarantees. What do we offer?

Competitive Pricing.

Our goal is to offer you an affordable solution that will fit into your budget. We prefer transparency and guarantee no extra charges or hidden fees.

Solid Deadlines.

We stay true to our word when it comes to timelines. We carefully estimate each project to make sure it will be ready for release just on time.

Professional Approach.

Niklex is a team of committed and skilled specialists. We always set and maintain high standards of performance. Not only do we understand how important mobile apps or online stores can be for business, but we also know how to make your wildest dreams a reality.

Long-term Cooperation.

We know how important it is to support clients even after the project is released. Besides app development, we also offer a professional support team to make sure everything is running smoothly. Quick fixes, performance improvement ideas, system updates – it all comes along with your initial order.

Efficient Solutions.

We are always aware of the latest trends and technology and we know how to use them. Quick, well-designed, and easy-to-use – our products are definitely winners on the market. We make sure each application or website we make exceeds customers’ expectations and becomes a piece of art.

Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. This is exactly what we do here at Niklex.


VisionFS is a famous Ukrainian fashion house. The combination of exquisite style, high quality and fair prices is winning not only the admiration of the Ukrainian ladies, but also the residents CIS and other European countries. Thanks to their mobile app, they can keep track of all the latest fashion trends more easily than ever. Users can install the VisionFS app on their phone completely free of charge and keep track of all the latest trends from Ukrainian designers, participate in promotions, and get instant notifications.

We are sure that the company's partner will also benefit from this app now that it is so easy to make orders "on the go." The app is fully synched with the database at the VisionFS online store, where everybody can work with a catalog of goods (dresses, outerwear, shorts, skirts, sarafans, trousers, suits, underwear, etc.) and recieve notifications on special promotions that they can participate in.

We made the order placement process as natural as possible - just a couple clicks and your oder is accepted. If you are a registered user, all the necessary information will be added to your order automatically. There is no need to enter data every time. We added the ability to make an items photo fullscreen so that customers can see them in detail. The information is always up-to-date and synchronized with the database of the main website.

The app allows you to track the status of your order in real time and the order history allows you to find or repeat the order you need in only a couple of clicks. The app's interface is clean with no extra graphics so that users can have an easier time making their order.


App for SET 24

Set 24 is one of the most popular delivery services for sushi and other dishes of the Japanese cuisine at home and in the office for the city of Kharkov. The company's phliosophy is to bring maximum comfort for their customers. This concept has been perfected augmented by the NIKLEX team when they created their mobile app. The Set 24's target audience is mostly made up of young people who were ecstatic when their app launced, leading to a massive increase in sales. Adding a free roll was an excellent marketing solution for increasing the number of app installations and maintaing an active customer base.

When developing the app's interface, we put ourselves in the customers shoes, which helped us identify the most important priorities: maximum simplicity, convenient menu selection and an easy ordering system.

Now you don't have to wait for a call center to answer you. In just a couple of clicks, you can order from Set 24 using their mobile app.






Daminika is a youth clothing brand. What tool do you think will help the development of this youth-driven brand? Thats right, a mobile app! After all, the most active smartphone users and fans of online shopping are people under 35. By realizing the interests of their target audience, Daminika decided to develope a convenient app that will help motivate past customers to stay in touch with their brand, while also making future purchases easier for both their old and their new customers.

When using an app, users can do so much more than just shopping for the latest fashion, they can also take an active roll in the life of their favorite brand - they can get notifications, participate in various promotions and competitions, and they can accumulate and use bonuses from the company. We placed maximum emphasis on the convenience of viewing photos on smartphones since it plays a key-role when you buy clothes.

Their app is fully synched with the main server of the brand which allows you to maintain actual prices, the availability of goods and send orders from the app in real time. The brand's partners also recieved a convenient tool for wholesale orders, additional orders, as well as partcipation in their discount program.



The Smyzi Store App is an app created by the NIKLEX team for customers and partners of the Smyzi chain-store brand. The objective of the app is to deliver an easy navigation system by categories and a quick selection of goods by characteristics. They also added something called "tapping info" which gives customers a short description of each product with just the tap of a finger.

In order to deliver these goals, we made a simple but very functional interface that enables users to jump to products that interest them in just a few clicks.

The catalogs photos can fill the entire screen of your mobile device. The continuous synchronization with the main server assures that users see the correct information on prices and availability.

In their personal account, users can track any changes in an order's status, as well as the their order history.

By using push notifications, users can be informed on any changes to their order's status and any new additions to the brand's collection. An interesting bonus program will also be a pleasant surprise for the fans of the brand.

The Smyzi Store App makes online shopping an easier and more comfortable experience than ever!



The projective test from the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, has been used for several decades by leading researchers to assess the moving and hidden personal qualities to particular behavior models. This test is also known as "Rorschach's Ink Stains", since a patient needs to interpret ten abstract pictures that resemble ink stains.

What you see in the picture will indicate your results. Despite the fact that the technique of analyzing the results was developed about a century ago, the test is still relevent. Thanks to the IOS-based app, all you need to do is attentively review the picture, select the most fitting answer from the ones given, and get the results./p>

The app is designed to be easily used in one hand, assuming that the user holds the phone in one hand. All the interactive elements are located so that they can be conveniently tapped with just your thumb.

Now introducing the multilingual function, the test can be done in ten other languages.

The app has a minimalistic design that doesn't distract users from the main content.



The Amber Law App is an IOS application for the Ukrainian law firm Amber Law.

The main goal of the app is to provide instant notifications to regular clients about new expert publications or video clips.

In order to achieve that, our team developed and implemented its own server for creating push notifications with extensive customization capabilities.

To add content to the app on the customer's server, we developed an interface which enables them to create, copy and delete publications in only a few clicks.

The mobile version of Amber Law also allows you to ask top lawyers any questions you may have, while the embedded geolocation module will help you find nearby offices "on-the-go".


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