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    Basic principles…
    Focusing on the development concept, we think everything out by starting from non-trivial principles and finishing with crazy ideas. Acting as an engine for successful project development, NIKLEX maps out, develops, tests, ANALYZES, adapts, trains, consults, supports and maintains. Our company's team has a knack not only for creative design, but we also have an eye for success by using continuous research in new innovations, technological capabilities and requirements. We take responsibility for the commencement, execution, roll-out and development of each project assigned by the Customer.

    The Most Important tools....
    "Each of the project participants will be able to identify their creative ideas and decide how and when they will be incorporated." Due to this, our company has the ability to use glimpses of innovation and can implement effective technologies in both the right combination and the right order so that Comprehensive Solutions can be developed to fulfill any assigned tasks and objectives. The ideas and technologies that we discuss and use can be thought of as tools. Just like you need saws, screwdrivers and hammers to build a bookshelf, you also need tools and instructions when it comes to website design."These tools help us to be creative when it comes to planning and developing yet they also help us look at projects from different angles in order for us to see a bigger picture. "

    Arranging processes…
    We always consider complex solutions as something more interesting and irreducible to the sum of parts, having its own technological dynamics of development; setting tasks and introducing different technological solutions as two sides of the same coin. The decisive importance in the fate of each project comes down to the authority, competancy, and experience of the studio managers. Studio managers are in charge of identifying different approaches for problem solving, creating and establishing principles and assumptions for decision-making during each stage of projet development, changing formats, rapid response to technology transformation, and NIKLEX. With the proper planning, organization and assistance of all parties and participants of the project, task experiences and solutions are intertwined, forming an associated dynamic whole. New ideas and concepts are born just at the crossroads. In the process, each complex solution of problems is enriched by the formation of truly innovative approaches.

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