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Design Solutions
Design Solutions
Software Solutions
Software Solutions
Comprehensive Solutions
Comprehensive Solutions
Development of Android and iOS App
Development of Android and iOS App
e-commerce DEVELOPMENT
e-commerce DEVELOPMENT


  • Corporate websites

    We know how to make websites for businesses of any scale. And we love to do it.

    from 5000 usd
  • Landing Pages

    We highlight product and service advantages and turn users into buyers.

    from1000 usd
  • e-commerces

    People love to buy online. And we love to create friendly e-commerces of any complexity.

    from 4000 usd
  • Highload services and portals

    Big data requires big services. We use the most advanced methods to develop big.

    from 10 000 usd
  • WOW sites

    We love going beyond creativity, design, and development. That is how WOW sites appear. They catch attention and, as a bonus, awards.

    from 4000 usd
  • Complex solutions

    All your business needs is an online promotion. Strategy and content development, product development, recruitment, future advance and promotion strategy.

    from 15 000 usd
  • Mobile apps, VR and AR solutions, phygital projects

    We work ahead of the curve by using advanced technologies. We create solutions your competitors just dream about. Your clients will say “WOW.”

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  • Market Research

    We interview your customers and conduct an unbiased research on three levels: product, competition, and industry knowledge to see how you can sell better.

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  • Digital Strategy

    Rational and data-backed plan to get your brand, your business, and your future from point A to point B, by using digital assets, data, and resources available.

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  • Photo and video production

    We know how difficult it is to reflect all the smallest details of your product. Almost impossible. That's why we love it.

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NIKLEX Provides the Following Services:


Comprehensive Solutions

NIKLEX customers are offered a full range of services such as analysis, design, development, implementation and development of websites, including corporate, online markets, news and information portals, social networks and various aggregators. Our company has its own strategy and own sequence for creating sites of any complexity level, from the simplest web pages to portals containing huge arrahs of information.

Delivering High-Quality Websites

When you first start working with NIKLEX, you only need to formulate the general characteristics of the project. Such as the main concept, the target audience, what funds you plan to allocate for development and promotion. All other concerns are assumed by us.

Our company's services are based on the interactions between people needs and the technologies that should be used. For the first time in implementing a successful website, specialists can utilize a detailed description of your idea and take your enterprise to the next level, (including full support in development.)

Our company prioritizes the creation and development of projects that are clearly aim towards a certain target audience. That's why at the beginning of each project our experts examine the needs and desires of your targeted audience and uses this as the basis of all subsequent actions. The main mission that our company has when developing any project is to create a solution that allows us to offer the target audience interesting opportunities and better service.

In order to increase traffic to your website, you should first focus on the needs of users. That's why our specialists work hard in order to an interface that's both easy to understand and intuitive. Approved interfaces and precursory requirements to the website's functionality are specified in the main document "Statement of Work."

Creating and Rejuvenating Design

Your website's design has a major impact on how successful your business is. Your design shoud be beautiful, stylish, comfortable, and unique. At the same time it should meet the requirements and expectations of your target audience.

Optimization of your Website's Usability

When creating a website, it is very important to establish an impactful brand name, logo, and corporate identity. After all it's going to be the first thing that your customers see, and first impressions are what your customers will always remember you by.


Software Solutions

Our team at NIKLEX can fulfill almost any kind of technical work. We accept a variety of payment methods, SMS notifications, video conference calls, or phone calls.

Integration of Automation Systems

Automation systems help to optimize business proesses, accelerate productivity and improve the efficiency of the company's personnel, structure and manage cash flows across the company's units. They also help manage and regulate the relationship between customers and stakeholders.

Integration with Social Networks

Social networks have become and inalienable part of everybody's daily routine. Software integration with your company's business processes combined with the most popular social networks make it possible to simplify attracting and retaining a loyal target audience to your website, while simplifying the interaction between your customers and your employees.

Payment Systems

Virtually all online markets and any other services related to the purchase and sale of products and services are integrated with payment systems for a comfortable purchase. In this day and age, any online project that seeks to make a profit must always be integrated with a safe and reliable online payment system.

CMS Integration

On of the major benefits that any customer of NIKLEX recieves is the ability to work with their content and even manage their website on their own, without the involvement of specialists. It doesn't matter whether you have any experience in website manage or not, you will be able to do it all with minimum effort on your part.

Testing and Improvements

After we have finished the development process, we test each part of the website working closely with our client.

Website Maintenance

At any time throughout the term of our contract up to one month following the launch of your website, NIKLEX has a guarantee warranty that will provide highly qualified technical support that will give you recommendations for optimizing the services of the project.


Website Follow-Up Development and Maintenance

It's only after a diligent development process that you can say your website is the best version of itself and offers a quality doorway for both users and search engines. Websites like this often justify the time and money you spent to help you do the job that you want to do.

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