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If you're just starting your own business or if you're looking to have a brand re-vamp, we will help you visually state and do all the things you love and envision about your business but are struggling with on your own. Schedule a free Consultation!

Having a strong visual brand identity is so imperative to how people see your whole brand's personality. It's basically the first impression your potential customers are going to have about your business, and we know you want to make an outstanding impression on your future customers, right? That's what Niklex is here for!



  • You are ready for your visual brand to be as professional and impactful as you have always hoped. You can say goodbye to the days of envying other peoples brands and say hello to your very own brand that is you can be just as obsessed with.

  • If you are looking to be one of the major leaders in your industry, but your brand does not really fit and your super frustrated. Niklex has had clients who have raised their prices just because they were more professional looking and taken more seriously after we revamped their brand.

  • If you have an idea of what you want and you have a vision and for how you see your business, but you aren't sure how to execute it by yourself. This can be a difficult skill to learn for designers, but it's even more difficult for you to do it all by yourself. Stop second guessing everything by doing the work yourself and let a team of professionals who are experienced in this process handle things for you.


The Logo and Design Package Includes Things Such as: gradient background

  • Mood board and personality profile
  • Color palette and font pairing
  • 3 different logo designs
  • 1 finalized logo and 2 logo variations
  • 6 page style guide that goes into detail about your entire visual brand
  • 3 branded graphics that you can choose from our services guide. You can dowload them by filling out this form
  • investment: $1897 - we also offer payment plans
  • Timeline: 3 to 4 weeks

LET'S GET TO IT! WHEN DO WE START? gradient background

Once you click the button, you will be given a form to fill out so that our team can thoroughly learn about your buiness. Once you submit this to us, you can download download a detailed guide about our services so that we can answer any questions you may have. Then we will Email you a link so you can schedule a 30 minute consultation for free about working with each other.


Client Survey

This survey lets us get to know you, your business, what your visual preferences are, your target audience, and your competitors. We want to understand as much as we can so we can make the perfect brand for your business.

Mood Board and Color Palette

Our team will construct a mood board full of imaged so that we can show you which visual direction we see you taking. Then we will use this for inspiration when we are designing your logo. A mood board is also gives you a way to approve of the direction that we are taking before we start working on your logo, so that everyone is in agreement.

Three Options To Choose From

We will create 3 logos for you that are based on the mood board that we presented to you in the previous step. Then you can choose one to be your final logo.

Edits for Final Version of Logo

If it is needed, our team will do about 1 to 2 rounds of edits to tweak the final results so that we can make sure that your logo looks exactly how you want it to.

Variations of the Logo

After we create the final logo, our team will make two different variations for your main logo that you can use in other situations where you need a different format. That will normaly include icon, horiontal, and vertical versions of your logo.

Finalized Logo Files

Once we have tailored your logo to perfection, Niklex will send you a file containing your logo and all the different file formats for both printing (PDF and EPS) and online (JPG and PNG).

Style Guide

Our team will create a style guide to aide your visual branding. In this guide, we'll include things such as typefaces, color palette, as well as any useful patterns, images, and icons. You can use this as a reference for when you make other branded materials in the future.

Picking Three Branded Grapics

Display your new brand by using professional graphics. This is great for jumpstarting your brand and lightening your workload by utilizing pre-made graphics and templates.