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Our content marketing services (CMS) will assist you in boosting your site's traffic on all online marketing channels that you may have. These channels could be search engines, Email marketing, or your social media. We make sure that we produce content that is relevent, creates trust, and impacts their purchasing choices and engages with your target audience. Our CMS services include content writing, editing, strategy development, and publishing it to your site.

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Content is everything. By creating captivating, meaningful content that inspires your users, you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Researchers say that the more content that people read from you, the more they are willing to buy your products or services. Here are some other reasons why you need Content marketing:

  • Sites that create content regularly get 8 times more traffic
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing
  • Businesses that adopt content marketing boost their conversions 6x times more than people who don't
  • Content marketing improves your social media and Email marketing efforts

Content marketing is more inexpensive and more successful that most conventional advertising. It's also a known fact that content marketing influences conversions. Our content marketing services at Niklex will increase your results on the internet and improve your whole virtual marketing presence.

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Our Content Marketing Plan

The first thing we will do with you is create a unique plan. We will learn all about your buyer's personality and get to know your customers. This helps us write relevent content that they will find interesting. On top of that, we will create a blog calendar so you can see the topics that we will be talking about and when we are going to publish them. Then lastly, before publishing we will send you all the content so that you can approve it.


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We ensure that the content that make is professionally composed, corrected, and published so that we produce stable and high quality content that suits your business. All content that we create for you needs to be published to a Wordpress blog or another similar CMS. If you want to host content on another site, we are able to make a WordPress blog specifically for you that you can add on to your site.


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Our services automatically cover the distribution of content that we write for you to different social media platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. For stronger content distribution we suggest that you use both of our social media management/marketing services and our Email marketing services. These extra things will give you a huge boost in building an audience to give your content to.

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We send monthly content marketing reports so you can see everything detail about the effectiveness of our services. The main things that you will be looking at is how much traffic has increased and how long each user stays on your site.

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We Cover Everything

Niklex doesn't just take care of your content marketing marketing. We over all-encompassing solutions that increase your business and strengthen your content marketing. For example, one of the things we offer is advertising that will boost traffic towards your content. We also can do social media advertising and social media management to deliver your content to your target audience. Using a content marketing that offers everything will help you through every element of your online marketing journey.

Transparent and Low-Risk Contracts

We ensure that our content marketing services maintain integrity so that we can nurture trust by providing exceptional work.

Get more Bang for your Buck

Spending all your money on content marketing is like purchasing a car without the gas. We make it so that our content marketing services can adapt to any entrepreneur's budget. This means that you save money by hiring an company instead of a full-time employee amd you will be working with a team of experienced professionals which increases your results on the internet.

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What kind of results should expect?

The main indicators we look at for perfomance on content marketing is comprised of the site's traffic and the perfornance on the website. We examin and assess these metrics every month so that we can optimize your conversion rates.

How often should we publish content each month?

For the majority of small business blogs - weekly. the amount of content/blogs that should be published depends on each business. Content marketing is meant to boost your customers awareness about your business while simultaneously engaging with them and increasing your website traffic. That's why, making more content allows you to have more opportunities to do this. Some smaller bsuinesses create new content every day, while other companies can send Emails weekly/monthly.

How long are Contracts?

The terms of our intial contracts are 3 months. Once the term is completed, we will service your account monthly. You can cancel at any time as long as you leave a 30 day notice. After these 30 days, We'll discontinue our services and give you back any information that we have.

How long does it nornally take to start?

Contact us as soon as you are ready to get started. One of our specialists will help you come up with the best strategy and create a proposal. Once you approve of the proposal, we'll send you a cooy of the contract so that we can get started on your campaign as soon as possible.

How do you plan on learning my business?

We will learn about your business by giving you a questionnaire. Once you finish it, we will schedule to call with you and discuss everything you answered on the questionnaire as well as any additional questions. After calling you, we will do extensive research and create a plan that is specifically suited to your businesses needs and goals.