Great design for a great design company.

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Since Brainux specializes in interior design/architecture

The necessity for a great web design was a no brainer to them. When they contacted us about designing a corporate website for them, design was one of the first things they spoke to us about. After attentitively listening to them, we constructed a website that blew them away. One of the most important aspects of Brainux's website was their portfolio. We integrated their design into the homepage of their website so that their users will not have a single question about their design capabilities. We made everything flow together as naturally as possible so that users would not be stuck searching for information about their company, they just automatically know where to look.

Brainux home page

When we started working with Brainux we focused on creating a plan that would distinguish and highlight the uniqueness of their business and creating strong brand that will help build a powerful visual identity for them. Since Brainux started working with us, they have gotten in touch with their customers, and established several potential partnerships. Connecting people is what Niklex is all about.

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These are the main colors that Brainux chose for their websites color pallete.

HEX: #111111
HEX: #ffffff
HEX: #3f3f3f
HEX: line-gradient #fccf31 - #f55555
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Our mobile versions

When we create corporate websites we always make sure that they are multi-platform so that customers can access your site anytime, anywhere, with just a simple search.

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