A global leader in infrastructure.

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Autora has been creating magnificient architecture since 1999.

This company specializes in creating tangible art that impacts the lives of people every day. They also understand the importance of having a strong online presence. We designed a corporate website for them just so that people can find them, get to know the company, and contact them. Having a high quality website with a powerful design was extremely important for these clients because their website tells their story. Construction is an art, and it is essential for them to show this to their customers.

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We adopted a very flexible approach when working with Autora. We constantly communicated with them to create a solid sitemap that achieved their major business goals. Autora wanted to build a strong and stable brand strategy, produce a lasting identity, and transfer that identity to the online world. After consulting with their marketing team we created in depth wireframes that distinctively informed their customers about the value of their service and making them convert.

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These are the main colors that Autora chose for their websites color pallete.

HEX: #222222
HEX: #666666
HEX: #ffffff
HEX: #ffc30c
Open Sans

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When we create corporate websites we always make sure that they are multi-platform so that customers can access your site anytime, anywhere, with just a simple search.

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