5 Reasons to Use Responsive Website Design

July 01, 2018
5 Reasons to Use Responsive Website Design

Today, most people use mobile devices for Internet surfing. We live our lives online: we shop, date, learn, work, watch movies and play games using our smartphones and tablets. No wonder web developers strive to provide excellent user experience. Instead of designing several website versions, they create one version that works perfectly on any device. This solution is called "responsive web design".
What is responsive website? A responsive website is a website that can be easily viewed on a smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. If a website has a responsive design, users don’t need to zoom in or out on the page in order to get to the link they want to click. A responsive website makes sure that the content on all pages is displayed properly on any device.
Creating a website is not enough for running a successful business. Creating a responsive website is what gives any business owner benefits. In this article we are going to discuss top five reasons to use responsive website design. Let’s get started and find out why responsive web design is important!

Reason #1. Better User Experience

It is very important to make sure users can easily navigate your website. An easy-to-navigate website guarantees increased conversions and a growing number of repeat users. Improved user experience is the very first reason that makes responsive web design so important. Unresponsive websites usually look bad on smartphones and tablets. They look broken and sometimes not all features are available. If a website is not responsive, users usually have to scroll through pages for hours until they find what they need. In addition to that websites that are not optimized are usually very slow. Websites like that are a real pain for potential customers! Do you think they will come back? No.
In order to avoid losing users and make them come back to your page again, you should use responsive design. The benefits you get in this case will definitely outweigh all the expenses.

Reason #2. Increased Traffic from Mobile Users

Creating two versions of a website is a solution, but not that good one. Why? Well, it’s quite time consuming and requires a lot of maintenance. Sure, we all know why running mobile website is important, but that’s now what you should stick to. Mobile version of a website still may have glitches and some elements (for example, images) may not be displayed properly. The most efficient solution to choose is a responsive website. The main benefit is simple: you run a website that works well on all devices. You have only one website that needs maintenance.
According to Statista, 52.2% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. No wonder having a website that works great on all devices is so important for any business!
The more mobile friendly your website is, the more users it will attract. If your website is easy-to-navigate, there is a great chance people will return to your page.

Reason #3. Increased Sales

If you are still not sure why you should use responsive web design, think about the increased sales you may get. A well-designed website can drive new leads and boost your sales. When you make your website easily accessible on all devices (especially, mobile ones), you make it easier for you to reach your target audience. Responsive website design can give you more advantages and benefits than you think. If you choose to run an innovative and smooth website for your business, it will definitely stand out among your competitors. In this case it is more likely that customers would prefer dealing with your company rather than with your competition.
The number of mobile users is growing each year, and it’s essential to to provide billions of people with excellent user experience.

Reason #4. Decreased Bounce Rate

The less time users spend on your website, the higher bounce rate it has. The higher bounce rate your website has, the poorer position it gets in Google. If users leave your website too quickly, Google may interpret it as a sign that your page is not relevant to users’ search queries. More likely your page will get low ranking in the search engine.
It is a very popular myth that content is the king. Sure, content is very important! However, design and user-friendliness of a website is important as well. Sometimes it even outweighs content! You can hire the best writers and they will provide you with fantastic content to add to your website, but… If you ignore design and convenience, users will soon leave your page.
Responsive design does not only allow fill your website with relevant and interesting content, but it also makes it easy to display it in a proper way. No broken sentences, images or cut texts. All links are easy to click and all pages are displayed just as they should.

Reason #5. Improved SEO

Responsive websites have better rankings in search engines as they provide better user experience. If you want to improve SEO results across all platforms, you should consider using responsive web design.

Instead of thinking about how to use responsive web design just start using it now!

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