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Imagine an exclusive website, all stages of creation - from design to execution - marked by the logic of ideas and overcoming technological challenges. Welcome to the World of NIKLEX where we encourage the unity of both engineering precision and creative courage.
We bring together the most daring of ideas and complex tech solutions that make it possible to create masterpieces. "Create, Emphasize Brilliance, Implement Innovations, Astonish" - These are core principles when it comes to how we work.
NIKLEX turns intellectual processing into our main distinctive feature, wowing customers with our striking innovative technology, The company's projects exhibit exquisite detailing, complex functionality mechanics, and flows easily.
NIKLEX is not just a studio, but a way of life. Driven by the love of beauty and uncompromising innovation, even going so far as to challenge the laws of physics, we reinterpret and transform ideas and technologies, turning them into real works of art.
NIKLEX brings together passionate fans of technological masterpieces who are not afraid to accept even the most complex challenges, overcoming them as a matter of honor. Even when faced with obstacles, they find unusual solutions, enabling them to deliver websites that the world has never seen before.
NIKLEX combines the skills of programming specialists, engineers, project managers and talented designers so that they can create sites that are open to millions of users across the globe.
I want to cooperate

The people at NIKLEX are really great and are true professionals. I have no regret choosing them over other companies. I love how they know how to listen and how they put all heart into their work. They showed me many different things that I didn’t know about before and they turned out to be really useful. I had so much fun working with them and I loved the end result. Thank you so much for your help!

Viktoria, ТМ «VisionFS»

Thanks to the extensive experience of the NIKLEX team, they really understand how manufacturing and business work. For example when it comes to clothes and women's outerwear. They made it possible to start a good website that was able to start selling our clothes within days of launching. We are now working together on SEO.

Vadim, «MyChance»

NIKLEX is a genuinely professional team. These people are really responsible and hard-working guys. In just a couple months of working together, I am convinced of their professionalism and their punctionality when it comes to fulfilling their obligations. They have a great design team who have already given us amazing results. They also have competent programmers who quickly respond to all of our requests and eliminate any issues in the system along with their SEO team who helps to promote our site. I hope you continue to be successful in your work. Keep it up!

Alex, company «Chocolate Event»

We are very happy that we cooperated with NIKLEX. All our projects and services are maintained very quickly and in a quality manner. The managers approach work with great responsibility and understanding. They have always been polite and they always answer any questions that we have. We would definitely recommend this team of professionals to anyone we know.

Alex, online store «MoreTkani» (Grand Textile)

We've been working with this team for the last two years. We came to them based on a friend's recommendation with no regrets. When it came to website development, they managed to accomplish all our wishes. Their employees developed unique options from the websites catalog. Thanks to their high quality SEO-promotion, every month our website is raised in the search engines. NIKLEX employess quickly react in changes to the Internet sales trends, using new SEO tools to improve and develop our website. Internet-shop "Season-Khoztorg" highly appreciates the work of NIKLEX and we hope that we can continue to cooperate in the future.

Danil, online-store "Khoztorg"

We have been with NIKLEX for two years now. During this period, we found out that this team is highly professional. We entrusted them with the creation of the landing page for welding equipment, marketed under the Edison brand. Throughout all stages of project creation, they maintained close contact with the project manager who gave valuable recommendations, both in marketing as well as functional features of the page. Of course we also worked, but as a joint effort. We are expecting ven better salesfrom another site thats being developed by NIKLEX for us.

Artem and Anton, "Edison Valley Group of Companies"

We would like to express gratitude to NIKLEX company for the productive cooperation that we’ve had. When we started talking to them about the creation of the online store, we didn't know about a lot of specific things from the industry, but the professional employees helped us create a great resource. Currently, NIKLEX is also engaged in the SEO effort for the online store that has already had great results. We are planning to continue developing our cooperation concerning the online projects with NIKLEX. We wish the team further success in their work, great customers and a lot of orders :).

Donetsk Anna and Neyezhmokova Alexandra, "IM MilaShop"

We are very grateful to the employees of NIKLEX for the creation of our new website. Their work was high-quality and on time! They took all our wishes into account! When we needed to takle difficult situations, we were always able to agree and manage a positive outcome. We do recommend NIKLEX to anyone who's looking for a great web company to work with! You will alway find an understanding team that can offer the best solutions and offer quality services and prices.

Leila Korolenko, "Continent Group"

Our company contacted NIKLEX concerning the development of a corporate website including a follow-up promotion based on the recommendations from our partners who previously used the services of the company. The project was carried out in accordance with the terms we agreed on. The work was carried out in a quality manner and the results fully met our expectations. I can definitely recommend this company as a reliable and professional service provider.

Lilia Levchuk, Director of IC "EURALIF GROUP"

We ordered five websites from these guys, and we are very happy with our results. They did everything on time, just as we agreed. Then they provided al the access codes to us and showed us how use the admin systems, among other things. They worked very quickly and answered our requests for changes. We recieved a great discount for bundling our five websites. By the way, they can help you get really cheap hosting so you can order the whole project "turnkey" from them, including hosting. We are very happy with their help.

The staff of the Translation Bureau "Azbuka"

I've been working with NIKLEX since the spring of 2013. I ordered an online clothing store from them, and after its creation they continued to maintain it while delivering SEO promotion in search engines. I am happy with what we built and the website fully met my expectations. The SEO has already brought good results with constantly growing sales, despite how young the website and domain name are. In my opinion, the ratio of the price and the quality of work is amazing. In addition, it takes a personal approach for each client, accounting for their needs and issues.

Stanislav, investment blog "Trapper-Invest"

This team has some excellent managers. When we first met them, we had an active discussion and decided to sign a contract with NIKLEX to create a site. Four weeks later we recieved a quality website with amazing content, just as agreed. After it launched, we signed another promotioin agreement and now we are sitting at one of the TOP potisitions in the search engine, which we gained through their understanding of our clients needs. We are very satisfied with their work. We plan on continuing our cooperation, fully confident in them and the success of our project.

Sergey and Alexander, LLC "CIRCLE"

We are very pleased with the results we got by working with NIKLEX. This team has unconditionally fulfilled all our wishes when it comes to design and navigation on our website. We were interested in a web company that can quickly and efficiently create a website. NIKLEX provided us with that by giving us quality and proper service which reflects the professionalism of the team along with the right approach towards our clients.

Kirill, Dolinto LLC (SCM Group concern)
I want to cooperate

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