Business websites that you can make money on

September 30, 2018
Business websites that you can make money on

How many people dream of starting to earn money online? The answer is a lot. It is easy to guess why, since it means they would finally quit their jobs and start their own businesses which would bring profit. The most popular method is creating a website that will provide services or offer some products. Let’s discuss some of the ideas that may become the thing you’ve been searching for.


If you thought that the only lucrative way to make money online is through online shops or offering digital services – you were wrong. Consulting may sell as well if you are proficient in some sphere and have a great deal of experience to offer. Who knows, maybe your advice will become the beacon for some desperate.
In order to persuade that your guidelines are crucial and you do have something to suggest, you should try writing. If the only data you upload on your website consists of your personal information and career way, no matter how great it is, it’s not going to work as a business on the Internet. Your clients will expect you to prove your competence by writing informative articles with a description of common problems and ways out. For example, if you are a psychotherapist, you can share your experience of different cases with the public to demonstrate your own techniques of dealing with problematic situations of your patients.
Entrepreneurship consulting is in no way less popular than psychotherapy because beginners in business need just as much support. The methods stay the same. You will need writing articles with recommendations to make your services look trustworthy. By uploading videos or writing articles with suggestions on starting a business or promoting it in conditions of high competition will ensure that your advice can be relied on.

Online education

One more website for online money making is launching online courses and webinars. The idea is perfect for those who have some teaching experience or want to have one by sharing their knowledge with others. It doesn’t matter what you do or what skills you possess – everything can be monetized. If you have considerable experience in cooking, don’t hesitate to start spreading it on the Internet by coaching newbies making it your business idea. Also, if you think that your colleagues could benefit from your recommendations, you can also suggest upgrading their professional skills by teaching them ploys for your profession. It will be beneficial for you not only as a lucrative business; you will also polish your own skills as a professional.
One of the most popular spheres of online education is language learning. People want to get to know more about the language they are studying and the ways of improving it. You can launch marathons or just explain drawbacks of your native language or the one you are proficient at if it is something you can talk on and on. This way, you are likely to gather on your website a large community of enthusiasts who will stay with you for a long time making your business not just a job, but a hobby that brings much fun.

Create a community

Admittedly, this field is tough to succeed in, as the niche is already occupied by Facebook and other social networks. But different forums can be in high demand too. Take PC games, for example. New content and add-ons keep appearing on the market, and they have to be shared somewhere. This is where forums and geek communities are needed. Even though there is a lot of such websites out there, there are games which are not so much popular yet. This is why they need to be thrown light on even more. The drawback of this Internet business idea is that you will probably start doing that for free before you get noticed. Then you will be able to charge for membership in your community or promote paid functions.
To run a successful community, you should choose something you are passionate about. There are successful communities for ESL teachers who share their lesson plans, language learning games, and worksheets with others, which helps them work more productively and draw inspiration from their job. It also enables beginners to communicate with more experienced professionals and improve their skills.

Online store

Probably, the easiest and the most popular websites for making money online are online stores. There are a lot of website building templates and e-commerce platforms such as WordPress or Shopify that allow building websites without having any technical knowledge. Check:Business websites that you can make money onYou may also hire a professional to do this for you.
To run a successful store you’ve got to think about what exactly you are going to offer to your clients. The online store market is so vast that to survive the competition you need to make up something really creative and unique. Perhaps, handmade products are your cup of tea, and then you can launch production of original things that cannot be found anywhere else. Or maybe you have a particular style of clothes you want to work with, then you can make it your unique feature and a visit card for your store.

Digital product selling

Any skill can be sold; especially it is relevant for digital projects. The range is rather broad, from web design to 3D modeling. The services are in high demand, as a lot of websites’ owners use these tools for promotion. For example, 3D rendering is an excellent option as an online business idea, as it is widely used by real estate agents to present property.
If you are an artist, who can present your own creative skill, then go for it. Your talent can be shared with the broad public through uploading your works on the website. State who your target audience is and show what works of art you can make to meet their demands making them your profitable Internet business.


Job boards or websites aimed at helping to find the right person to do this or that thing are frequently needed as they make the process of searching easier. You suggest visitors uploading their listings or ads on your website to be seen by others.
Many already existing job boards allow uploading listings of various kinds for all the sorts of jobseekers. The problem is that sometimes you have difficulty navigating such websites since there are too many offers from different spheres of work. This is why boards that would post local or narrower field listings are needed.

How to make money on job board website:

  • • charge some fee for submitting lists;
  • • offer additional functions, such as putting an advert on top or highlighting it to be easier noticed;
  • • promote sponsored jobs.

Online apps

If you can offer solutions to common problems most people face in their everyday life, this business can become extremely profitable. There is a high need in simple calculating apps, no matter what mathematical operations they make, from taxing to counting the number of calories consumed per day. A lot of people know what they need to do throughout the day, but they don’t want to stuff up their heads with unnecessary information. This is how fitness apps such as step counters and planning lists appear on the market.
Still, to earn money on the Internet, you will need an original idea that will make everyone buy your app. It might be something satisfying routine needs making life more comfortable or something specific that is required only by professionals. Both ideas may work.


Review websites are searched quite often, as people always doubt. They are looking for the best product imaginable, and they want to see a comparison of different kinds of stuff. On your website, you may post reviews on famous (or not so much) products and upload videos. The thing is that as soon as your site becomes popular, you will get paid for your reviews as a promotion of various brands. This way, you may become a trampoline that will enable them to get to a new level, while you will benefit from making your website more viewed. If you are ready to dedicate your time to test different things and share your opinion – then give it a try.


You don’t have to be a professional journalist to share your opinion with the mass public. This is why blogs actually exist. They enable no matter who to start writing about their favorite things choosing any topic they like. The key to success is specializing in something that is really close to you, and you have something to say about. The range is vast; you can talk about fashion, cooking, professional experience, psychological issues, and so on.
Most of the bloggers start writing for a part-time income making it a full-time job later. You will not start earning a lot of money on the Internet overnight so you will have to dedicate all your free time and work systematically on what you’re doing until finally reach the point when you can make it your full-time business.

It doesn’t matter what type of a website you are going to choose to earn money on the Internet from home. To become successful, you will need to carve your niche in a particular sphere, just like at any type of average job. Whether or not you will achieve success depends on your enthusiasm and how much energy you are willing to dedicate to your chosen business. By doing things you actually enjoy is sure to bring you to the success and become a life-transforming experience.
Keep in mind, that at the beginning you don’t have to spend all your time on your website, but the work must be done on a regular basis so that you will make considerable progress and begin to make good money online.

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