Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2019


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Interactive Storytelling

2019 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends

Mobile Prioritization

Flat Design 2.0 and Gradients.

Before we start analyzing 2019 web design trends, let's remember what new ideas 2019 brought us.

Mega Menu. It was a trend in web design. Most designers thought of it as a must-have, but today there are some people who consider it to be tasteless. After hamburger buttons appeared everyone started hiding the menu under one button and it caused a lot of disputes. Despite that, those three lines were the most frequently used button on any website. Once users clicked on a hamburger button, they saw a small plate with a list of website categories. Hiding such plate just didn’t make sense. That is why in 2018 mega menus appeared that took not just a small side plate, but the whole screen.

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Interactive Storytelling

It has always been and it will be one of the modern web design trends. It only changes its form. 2018 was rich for video websites with scripts and actors. It looks cool, but such an approach is quite expensive and impacts website load speed. That’s the very moment when videos got replaced with short texts.

  • 3D As we have already mentioned there is quite a headache with adding videos to a website. 3D technology is a great alternative that does not impact website load speed. 3D gives you the ability to play with different textures, colors and effects..

  • Variable Fonts. During the last couple of years Helvetica, Roboto, Open Sans and Lato fonts ruled the world of web design. Luckily, the situation has changed and designers started using different combinations of fonts and colors.

  • Open Composition. Before 2018 ended, static and symmetric composition were leading trends in web design. However, many websites moved from this style. Open compositions with free elements that seem to live even beyond the screen have become quite popular.

  • Sure, all these trends in web design are going to grow in 2018. Many of them have already turned from trends into necessities. What new web design trends should we expect in 2018? What secret ingredients will help you stay on top? Let’s check out web design trends that will make an impact in 2018.

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2019 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends
  • Asymmetry and Broken Grid Layouts. Perfect grid layouts are already out of current web design trends. Each day there are more and more websites that destroy user stereotypes. Yes, a horizontal menu in the top of your website is still a great idea, but don’t be afraid of creative social network menus and unusual content placement. This style is sometimes called “organized chaos” as there are still composition balance rules to follow.

  • Asymmetry is one of the recent web design trends that is often used. Why is it worth trying? - It helps to liven up the target page and focuses a user’s attention on the most important things by emphasizing different website elements. Asymmetry makes the perception of graphic information easier. - It allows the use of free space more effectively. The absence of a symmetry line makes the separation between the navigation menu or a sidebar and other content look more natural. It also creates more space for useful information. Asymmetry is perfect for emotional web design, using characters and ad images that create positive vibes and make emotional motives more intense.

  • Illustrations Take Center Stage. Awesome illustrations have a huge impact on how users see a website. Brand personalization starts with design, and finding brand language via images and illustrations turns any website in a unique business card that will transmit a brand’s voice from the very beginning.

  • Standard illustrations look boring and users look for something brand new, stylish, interesting and extraordinary. Ultra-bright and catchy images are sure-fire ways to grab anyone's attention. There is also an eclectic 2019 web design trend that combines user illustrations and photos. This method gives any project a contemporary look.

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Mobile Prioritization

The world of mobile devices is starting to dominate over the world of desktop computers. Most people use their smartphones for surfing on the web, shopping and dating. In the very beginning it was quite a bulky process and users did not want to accept it. Websites had slow loading speed and no one wanted spend hours waiting for a web page to load. Designers cracked their brains trying to find out how to provide users with compact menu, submenu and sub-submenu on a small screen. Today, mobile design is more mature. Small icons, ergonomic shapes and minimalist elements are the very things to consider when it comes to mobile web design.

  • Integrated Animations. This is one of the latest web design trends. It’s a perfect tool for sharing a website’s story with users and gives them an opportunity to see themselves (and their potential future as your clients) in characters. Even if you are interested only in animations for funny abstract visual effects, they still work great when it comes to creating essential interactions for your website visitors. For example, animated elements can entertain users while the page is loading or while they are waiting to be redirected to another page. Integrated animations should be minimally active and it should have dynamic elements. It’s very important here not to cross the line and start irritating users with excessive activity. Only background and less significant elements that require emphasis should be animated.

  • Floating Navigation Menus. Static navigation is widely used for websites that are targeted on conversion rate increase. This is a great way to simplify website usage and manage control elements “on user’s fingertips”. Today we see that designers are going forward and visually separate navigation from the rest of website design by placing it a bit lower than browser top border. It gives a feeling that navigation is a global thing, but it’s not necessarily a part of any website page. It just follows you all over the website. A floating navigation menu is one of the most popular current trends in web design. By fixing the menu not on a page but on the screen, you make it stay always visible to users. This a good trick to use!

  • Big, Bold Typography. Font is one of the most important branding elements for any business. There was a set of certain rules regarding mixing several fonts in one project for quite some time. However, 2018 brings significant changes and typography starts playing new role. Font not only creates a text element but a graphic one as well, and that makes it a stunning new trend in web design. Bold and half-bold fonts are good for drawing attention to an important part of the text. If you have a message to share, make it noticeable. Big and bold text is a great example of a catchy element. However, you should remember that keeping blank spaces near such large text blocks is a key to balance. Besides big, bold fonts 2018 typography trends include the following: - Cut fonts; - 70’s and 80’s style fonts; - Complicated typographic text structure with unusual background; - Highlights and underlines; - Gradients; -g Colorful fonts; - Transparent typography.

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Design 2.0
Flat Design 2.0 and Gradients..

Flat design revolution had been soaring everywhere since it was presented on Windows Phone platform in 2010. No wonder it is so popular: interface with such design seems to be more intuitive, it works for adaptive elements and modern frameworks. Additionally, it looks good (if performed properly). Initially flat design was two-dimensional with absolute minimalism orientation. In modern flat design 2.0 shadows, gradients and other elements that make it “almost flat” are used. To follow the latest web design color trends, make sure your gradients 2.0 have colors that attract attention and are associated with the freshness and coolness of the mobile generation. When it comes to 2019 web development, 2.0 design trends list long shadows, dynamic colors and minimalism as well.

  • Artificial Intelligence. s the latest trend in web design. It’s no longer a science fiction but something real. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of modern web design in a shape of chatbots. Today, all we have is ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) limited by special-purpose tasks. ANI is used in smart voice assistants similar to Google Home and Apple’s Siri. We development experts expect this technology to improve and offer more opportunities in 2019.

  • Takeaway. Wow-effects are a thing of the past. Today, everything is done to quickly grab a user’s attention and put information into their head. If a half-second is not enough for a user to understand what’s going on this website, they will leave. Your website must be as simple and easy to use as possible. Following the best web design trends and using cutting-edge technologies is key to making your website popular. So… Is your website ready for 2019? Be sure to check back every week for great new NIKLEX blog articles.