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Target Market


Pey Per Click Ads

The right CTA

For the past few decades advertising has evolved a lot. That means that your target audience has also become more demanding. Not only do they expect you to sell the product, but also to present it in the best light by using some specific means.

The one thing you cannot go without anymore is a landing page. Basically, it is an advert whose purpose is to encourage a client to do what you expect him to – to click on the significant place, a so-called Call to Action. To trick your customer into hovering over the needed area, you surely have to make the most of the advertising landing page design and text, view Top Ten Tips For Effective Website Design. Besides you want it to be noticed. So how do you promote your landing page to reach the set goal?

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Target Market

What is the main rule for advertising? The answer is making it noticeable to the right audience. This can be achieved by finding the landing page Call To Action that will draw attention to it and trigger the impulse to click. It will be helpful to figure out what exactly your goal is. For example, if you are looking for subscribers, you may suggest your potential clients signing up for the news and uploads on your site. Remember to make it as simple as possible. A few words such as "sign up for our emails" work better than complicated sentences like "follow our link to subscribe to the latest news of our company."

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The Right CTA

The key to success is always being aware of who you are selling the product to. Make sure that you have taken into account age, hobbies, and buying behaviors of your audience. That means that creating a landing page of an e-store which sells teenage clothing must differ from the one that offers watches from famous brands. The same counts when you are searching for the ways of promotion, as knowing the target audience helps to identify where to promote your landing page.

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Sending e-mails is a great way to get in touch with your old clients or find a new database of potential customers who might be interested in your website. In the first case, you show yourself in a good light as a seller that keeps his clients in mind. At the same time, browsing the net to send new soon - to - be customers a link with your website is likely to bear fruit. Don’t forget to give a short overview of how they can benefit from visiting your site and the product you offer. Try to make the message easily comprehensible. Long messages with overloaded information are off-putting and serve as a red flag even for those who may consider your site useful.

In the age of Facebook, you have to make a social media promotion to be seen by a broad public. Create a business page where you will be able to upload links to your latest news and post images of your projects. By the way, you may also start communication with your clients through social networks by encouraging them to share opinions on the products. Besides your own page, blogs or groups concerning the sphere you work in might also come in handy for your advertising goals. Don’t hesitate to tell about your business to as many people as you can.

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Paid Advertising

While the tips listed above refer to the ways available to anyone, let’s talk about the paid functions some social networks offer. Facebook and Twitter have unique platforms which enable users to make convenient advertising platforms. What makes them so great is an opportunity to list all the necessary data about your target audience. This way, the platform’s system guides you through the procedure of getting to know about the right people you need. It will ask you to tick such characteristics as gender, geography, age, and interests. To make it useful, think about the text and images that you can add to catch the eyes of your potential clients. Remember that your main task is leading your customer to click on the landing page which will take him or her on a new journey.

Everyone is familiar with the kind of landing page banners that pop up while searching for something on Google. This kind of advertising needs to be paid when somebody clicks on it. Sounds like a real way to bankruptcy but it suits even those who are on a shoestring budget. The mechanism is that you set a certain sum you are willing to spend on your advertising campaign and choose for yourself how much you can spend on each user. Once again, you will have to be precise about who your target audience is and upload the info about your website together with the link.

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When you have figured out your target audience, there is one more thing you need to research. The next step to move forward is to find out about the blogs that cover topics concerning your business. This way you have a chance to get closer to the target market and to learn even more about them, and also you will get an extra platform for promotion. Choose a blogger who has a large audience that may potentially become your customers and ask him to write an overview of your company. The effect of blogging is way more productive than PPC adverts. If the latter may be annoying to some people, bloggers tend to be powerful influencers. They have a regular audience who read/watch their content with trust, so this method is sure to pay off. Besides, whereas Pay Per click ads are temporary, an article or a video about your product will ensure that the advert will last for a long time. One more similar tip is launching a podcast where you will be overviewing your services. The needed effect is achieved by inviting your influential guests to discuss them with you and evaluate the quality and perks of getting the product.

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Your landing page promotion campaign will be nothing without using Search Engine Optimization. In fact, this term is used to describe a strategy to get businesses to the higher positions in Google search. Usually talking about the optimization we think about promoting websites, but the same methods can be used for landing pages. The most essential trick used for getting the page noticed is adding keywords to your text. The point is that by using combinations that are typed the most frequently into the search engines, you make your landing page more visible.

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Ideas For Urging Your Clients To Click

• Use images to show off your successful jobs with previous clients. If you organize holidays, for example, upload pictures of happy guests at your parties making it a party of your landing page theme. Besides, positive reviews work the same way. • Beware of banners on your landing page. They are one of the most common tricks almost considered by some as landing page essentials which lead to the clients’ ignoring them. • Compose easy-to-read messages that will be as straightforward as possible. • Use true-to-life landing page illustrations. No matter how beautiful a chosen picture may be, it cannot be compared to a photo of your real clients.

A landing page is a promotional tool itself, so your task is to make it as clickable as possible. Make sure that you update the landing page design and necessary information if you use it for drawing attention to one particular event. Keep an eye on the relevance of your content to prevent your customers from being disappointed at the content of your website. In case the goal of your landing page is to present your typical products or share your achievements, then the page may live for ages. To arouse more interest, use infographics - a trick that allows visitors to spend time on your website in a more entertaining way. Make it fun and educational to look at. Thus, the odds are the client will be intrigued and may willingly click on your landing.

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More Than One

Sometimes one landing page portfolio is not enough if you aim at attracting customers to many products or special events. Don’t forget that you have to trigger the interest of your customers by guiding them through your site, especially when it comes to e-commerce landing pages. The effect that a customer has when browsing through the website on their own is entirely different from the impact they will receive when you direct them to the parts of your site that you want them to see. A business may focus on many services and have a lot of amazing things to offer. Still, you have to throw light on the content you believe will impress them the most, which is the reason for your landing page experience. Therefore, create several landing pages each connected to various parts of the site.

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Advertising a landing page is about promoting yourself and your ideas. What is the best way to make them heard and prove how unique your projects are? That is right, you have got to speak about them. Attending conferences concerning the sphere you work in will help you make great connections with your potential clientele and boost your landing page views. The thing is that such events are usually attended by those who are involved and also excited about making new acquaintances. After highlighting all the pros of your business, send them to your social media profiles to get to know you and your product better (don’t forget about getting them ready to attract customers). Surely, in all your profiles they will find a link to your landing page.

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Customers Are The Best Marketers

Who can promote your product better than those who tried and were satisfied with it? The answer is to your clients! Add a function of sharing info about your services with friends in social media. Some enthusiasts even prefer writing their own impressions on the products they used, which makes the word-of-mouth system even more effective. You may also invite clients to share their personal buying experiences on a particular page (which also may be clicked on thanks to the landing). The ideas listed in the article are just a small clue that can give you some food for thoughts. The real landing page advertising campaign can only be based on your own creativity and willingness to share ideas with the world. Use as many techniques as you can to find the one that works for you and will help you boost the efficiency of your landing page. Be sure to check back every week for great new NIKLEX blog articles.